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  • Latitude : 42.1411763
  • Longitude : -72.7346494

Hotel Transportation

  • Local Taxi Service - 0.0mi/0.0km E
  • Bradley Int'l. Airport - 20.0mi/32.2km S
  • Barnes Municipal Airport - 3.0mi/4.8km N
  • AMTRAK Train Station- 6.0mi/9.7km E
  • Bus Station -6.0mi/9.7km E
  • Albany International Airport- 75.0mi/120.7km W

Some hotel features--including fitness centers, food and beverage, and other amenities--may not be available due to COVID-19.
Face covering requirements may vary as hotels comply with state and local requirements, health ordinances and other regulations. Call the hotel for more information.
For any assistance on Accessibility Room availability and Hotel facility information,
Or for any special requests kindly contact Hotel : +1 (413) 568-2821